What makes Stainless Steel a particularly sought-after material in furnishing?

Styling characteristics of stainless steel

The technical characteristics of stainless steel are vital if you want a kitchen to have outstanding corrosion resistance. These are the reasons why stainless steel was initially used only in restaurant kitchens or, in any case, in kitchens for professional use. Over the years, fashion and new trends in the world of interior design gave stainless steel greater value, to such an extent as to make it become a design element in private settings.

Stainless steel as a design element (in a kitchen)

The optical effect created by stainless steel is truly very special. Although at first glance it may appear sterile, cold and inhospitable, if you look at it with a critical eye, you will understand how stainless steel can fit in perfectly with domestic spaces characterised by either a contemporary style or a classic, vintage one. The qualities of stainless steel make it perfect in designer kitchens because it is extremely attractive to look at and to think about for at least 3 reasons:

  • High Gloss
  • Bright
  • Sober
  • Hard-wearing

These are the four main attributes which underscore the sophisticated elegance of the material. In addition, the characteristics of the material convey to the entire surrounding setting great personality and the desire for a strong, attractive styling. Another important aspect of stainless steel is its extreme versatility. The cool, modern charm of stainless steel is the perfect match for other materials, such as:

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Coloured Design
  • Ceramics
  • Decorated Cement Tiles
  • Glass

These solutions are among the most recommended to obtain a unique and unmistakable stylistic mix. Within these spaces, a well-balanced atmosphere will be breathed, capable of playing with clear contrasts yet which, at the same time, warm up the room and make it more welcoming. For instance, the stainless steel-wood combination leads to a very interesting duo: the naturalness and traditional classic taste of wood meet the more modern “hi-tech” appeal of stainless steel. Cross-contamination of different shapes and materials, will give the kitchen a very interesting appearance, one that is intriguing and elegant, fully in keeping with industrial chic style.

Stainless steel is also perfect outdoors

Stainless steel is also the perfect material for outdoor furniture. Cromatica® kitchens, suitably combined with exposed brickwork, stone, etc., lend a unique, privileged atmosphere, even outside. Stainless steel undergoes appropriate treatments for outdoor use only if the kitchen is situated near the sea, in which case SS 316 stainless steel, guarantees durability even outdoors, becoming an absolutely high-performance material to produce kitchen worktops and sinks to arrange in the garden or for the cooking area on a spacious terrace.

Why choose Cromatica® stainless steel kitchens?

Cromatica® is a brand belonging to Ashirwad Technocrats, leaders in the stainless-steel professional kitchens industry with 21 years of manufacturing expertise. Cromatica® has made the most of the know-how of skilled stainless-steel craftsmen to propose a professional-grade kitchen reinterpreted with a more personal twist, suitable for the domestic hearth. Hence the creation of the two product lines, both distinguished by pure design and maximum flexibility in terms of customisation.

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