Aluminium Honeycomb Core Modular Kitchen Shutters – Truly All Steel Cabinet Shutters

Interior and construction materials are constantly evolving to keep up with the demands of our ever-changing needs and technological advancements. One such innovation in interior materials is the usage of steel in interior storage solutions with Aluminium Honeycomb core Sandwiched Shutters. Inspired by designs found in nature, these shutters are perfectly made for modern modular kitchen cabinets.

What is Aluminium Honeycomb Core Modular Kitchen Shutters?

Aluminium Honeycomb Shutters are panels made up of Stainless steel or galvanized steel sheets sandwiched with hexagonal aluminium core, resembling honey bees’ comb. The hexagonal honeycomb pattern is one of the most efficient shapes in nature, using the least amount of material to produce one of the strongest shapes. This efficiency is brought into material manufacturing to create honeycomb shutters.

Aluminium arranged in a honeycomb shape at the core of the shutters makes these panels strong and cost-effective. The honeycomb core is placed in between steel sheets and held in place using a strong adhesive. The result is a material that is tough and long-lasting.

Due to the strength of these shutters, aluminium honeycomb cores are regularly used in yachts, trains, flights and even spacecraft! The shutters are becoming popular in architecture and interior design today due to their properties. The shutters can be used for kitchen cabinet doors, wardrobe doors and vanity doors in interiors.

The benefits of Aluminium Honeycomb Core Modular Kitchen Shutters in kitchens.

1.    Durability:

As the shutters are made entirely of non-corrosive metal, they are durable and can last a long time in the kitchen. The thickness and honeycomb structure of the aluminium panels can withstand more impact than other materials like hardwood and MDF. In humid countries like India, stainless steel and galvanized steel shutters offer the added advantage of resisting moisture, mould and insects.

2.    Strength:

Aluminium honeycomb core shutters are designed to be strong and have high tensile strength. This allows these shutters to tolerate much greater force than other materials and makes them a great choice for kitchens with heavy usage such as large families and families with young children.

3.    Low Weight:

Strong materials are invariably heavy. The honeycomb design allows efficient manufacturing due to its shape, reducing the amount of material used in the core. This results in a panel that is lightweight without compromising on strength or durability. The design also improves the sound dampening effects of the material, reducing the noise in the interior.

4.    Finishes:

Modern kitchens and metal finishes are a match made in heaven. But for those that want more choice, there’s good news. The steel cover of the aluminium honeycomb shutters can be customized with a wide variety of finishes. The steel covers on both sides of the shutters can be given a powder coating or PU finish, or even textured wooden and stone finishes that are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. This offers the best option for those who want the strength of metal with the look and feel of wood or stone. The panels can also be finished with different colours on either side.

5.    Low Maintenance:

These Stainless Steel and Galvanized Steel shutters with an aluminium honeycomb core are very easy to clean and maintain in the long run. The cabinet doors can be wiped clean to maintain their look over time. The shutters are also resistant to corrosion. The durability of the honeycomb core makes these panels incredibly maintenance-free.

6.    Fire Resistance:

Safety is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to kitchen materials. The combination of steel sheets with aluminium core keeps the shutters thermally insulated and totally fireproof. These metal shutters are also fire resistant and retardant and can prevent a fire from spreading. Unlike traditional cabinet materials like wood, the use of aluminium and steel reduce the risk of fire mishaps, keeping your kitchen and home safe forever.

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