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Vanity Mirror Cabinet

Vanity mirror cabinets are not only convenient but also a minimalistic dream. With a mirror cabinet in place, your bathroom looks not only elegant but also convenient to store all your toiletries. From modern to contemporary we have a wide range of cabinets that can be fitted into space or custom-made according to specific requirements.

As one of the leading vanity mirror manufacturers in Bangalore, our range of bathroom fixtures and furniture are of top quality and we have supplied our wares all over the city. Vanity Mirror Cabinets are great minimalistic décor items and their multi-purpose feature makes them very handy and elegant. From integrated light to stylish mirrors, we supply a whole gamut of elegant fixtures that would fit in seamlessly with your space.

As one of the top vanity mirror manufacturers in Bangalore, we can also provide custom-fit fixtures for your space made from your choice of material and colour.

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