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Stainless Steel Modular Kitchen


Stylishly sleek and aesthetic in appearance, stainless steel lends an ultra modern look to the kitchen. While the common perception is that steel is sterile and dull we believe in belying these traditional views by giving contrasting wall colours and an excellent design that can transform the kitchen space into an earthy room exuding warmth and inspiring one to cook soul food. Reflecting light with its smooth gloss, Stainless Steel gives an illusion of large space and makes a great option for kitchens that lack natural light. As premium Italian kitchen design manufacturers in Bangalore, we have designed many unique and challenging kitchens keeping utility, practicality and usage in mind.

Stainless steel 202 of 0.80/1 mm thickness.
Stainless steel 201 of 0.80/1mm thickness.
Stainless steel 304 of 0.80/1 mm thickness.


The difference between different types of steel is tangible and is because of the percentage of nickel and chromium.


Stainless steel 202 have 14 % to 16 % of Chromium and 0.5 – 4.0% of nickel
Stainless steel 201 have 14 % to 16 % of Chromium and 4% – 6.0% of nickel
Stainless steel 304 has 18 % to 20 % of Chromium and 8% - 10.5% of nickel.


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