Modular Kitchens

Modular kitchen as it has evolved in European countries is a combination of interconnected cabinet’s (modules). Interconnection makes all of them function like a monolithic structure. Each module is designed for a specific function such as a tall unit, drawer unit, sink unit, corner unit, and gas cylinder unit.etc. Finally a worktop is placed over the combined structure.

Kitchen is the heart of home:

As per the survey conducted by Cromatica Bangalore, an Indian homemaker typically spends around 30% of her lifetime in kitchen. An average working Indian woman despite of her busy schedules spends around 20% of her lifetime in kitchen. We respect women and her efforts to make kitchen the heart of home and hence we offer only the most hygienic material to used be in kitchen.

Kitchen is no longer that dingy space that is hidden at the end of the house. Indian interior decorators have finally recognized this space, as the most important room in a home. A well-planned modular kitchen with the latest built-in appliances reduces the workload while cooking & saves precious time. Now with the availability of sixth sense appliances introduced you would love to cook various types of dishes.

Kitchen is probably the most functional space in the house, where food is prepared and items are stored. We believe that practicality, usability, elegance and grace, play a large role in shaping the ambience of the kitchen. And it is also true that the kitchen is certainly the extension of the family’s personality and lifestyle. With a huge plethora of designs at our disposal and a large think-tank of ideas, our decorators are at hand, to design the best modular kitchen for your home.

To design a modular kitchen, we first take into account the personality and the lifestyle of residents. A large family with kids would need a well-stocked kitchen to dish out large gourmet meals while a bachelor living alone would require minimal space to dish out small meals. Space is another important factor that needs to be considered. Some apartments are designed with small kitchens and the residents have to make do with whatever space is available. Even a small kitchen can be converted to store, stock, cook and to entertain guests, provided it is designed right.

The first step towards designing a modular kitchen is the layout. Depending on the resident’s lifestyle, space needs to be allocated for storing food and utensils, cooking, eating and entertaining. If the room is big enough the kitchen island can be situated in the middle leaving enough and more space on the wall and bordering countertops to store utensils, appliances and grocery items. The next step towards a stylish modular kitchen design is selecting the materials. Our designers recommend the best durable option that would not only add an elegant charm to the kitchen decor but also last for years to come.

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