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Swing Door Wardrobe

Swing door wardrobe is also called as Hinged door wardrobe are classic furniture that is back in the vogue. Apart from giving the room a classic era look, hinged door wardrobes do lend elegance to the room. Easy to incorporate into most built-in wardrobes, we have supplied and fitted them for many apartments, homes and villas. As one of the top Swing door wardrobes manufacturers in Bangalore of indoor furniture, we supply the best custom-made fixtures that not only seamlessly blend with the interior but also saves a lot of space. Sleek and traditional, a hinged door is affixed to a doorframe and has more internal robe space than other types of wardrobes.

Swing door wardrobes are also multi-purpose furniture because a mirror can be affixed at the back of the door completing the look of the closet. As one of the leading Swing door wardrobes manufacturers in Bangalore, we have supplied many custom-designed hinged door wardrobes to many apartments, homes and villas.

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