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Dressing tables are integral to a bedroom design and are an essential furniture unit. This is where you will be getting ready to head out for the day’s work, which is why a dressing table becomes the most functional furniture that you would invest in. As one of the top dressing tables manufacturers in Bangalore, we have supplied and fitted bespoke dressing tables with floor-length mirrors, cabinets and draws to store accessories, toiletries and vanity items.

Our dressing tables are custom designed to fit within the bedroom’s furniture and yet are unobtrusive enough to give you space. A dressing table keeps your space organized and reduces clutter to a great deal. A stylishly designed dressing table can also become the focal point of your space and the rest of the room’s design can spring from this. As one of the leading dressing tables manufactures in Bangalore, we have supplied custom-made dressing tables for many apartments, condos, villas and homes.


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