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Sliding Door Wardrobe

Sleek and clean steel wardrobes not only look good but also are great to maintain and use. We are one of the top manufacturers of sliding door wardrobes in Bangalore. Sliding door wardrobes are be spoke unique space savers that leaves you with enough space to walk around, try out your clothes while it remains silent and hidden behind the walls. Tailor-made to fit within your bedroom space, we can supply you with great custom space saving solutions.

As one of the top manufacturers in Bangalore, we have supplied sliding door wardrobes to many premium apartments, condos and villas. Our sliding door wardrobes have many custom-made shelves with deep shelving and many clever storage areas that allow you to categorize your wardrobe for easy access. With a sliding door wardrobe in place, you will have legroom space in your bedroom and feel of a built-in closet that can be accessed whenever the need arises.

As one of the most sought-after sliding door manufacturers in Bangalore for custom-made bespoke furniture, we have fitted many small apartments with our sliding door wardrobes where space is sacred and legroom is premium.

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