Why Stainless Steel Modular Kitchens ?

Stainless Steel: The Perfect Material for Modular Kitchen

Have you ever asked yourselves what more a stainless-steel kitchen has to offer compared to those made with other materials? At the time of designing domestic interiors, such as the space intended for domestic use, there are many technical-design aspects to keep in mind, such as:


Shelves and opening mechanisms
Useful square metres

One of the first elements an architect or interior designer assesses to design a high-profile designer kitchen is ascribable to the choice of materials to use, which must under all circumstances be suitable for the various tasks carried out: from storage to preparation, to cooking, dishing up and final washing. All five steps of the cooking process mentioned above require a hard-wearing material since they are carried out day-in day-out. Stainless steel kitchens are definitely the best solution to aim for. cromatica® modular kitchen

The extraordinary properties of stainless steel, which are particularly dear to great Chefs, do not make the material simply functional in the kitchen, but also highly appreciated in terms of styling, especially in domestic settings. This is why today stainless-steel kitchens have become a genuine trend, favoured by the popular industrial chic style.


If you have chanced upon this article, you may be curious to find out the properties of stainless steel and how it has come to play a leading role in designer kitchens.

Stainless steel in designer kitchens: why choose it?

Stainless steel affords outstanding technical and styling characteristics (not to mention sustainability). Let’s look at the main characteristics of stainless steel and what the reasons are for its rise in popularity among an increasingly demanding public, one that is careful and sophisticated, for those who cook with passion, for family and friends.


Technical characteristics of stainless steel

Stainless steel is a metal alloy with extraordinary properties in terms of resistance. The material boasts a massive quantity of chromium, with a presence ranging from 11 to 30%. This composition prevents stainless steel from rusting and corroding if exposed continuously to water and air. Indeed, the chemical element chromium, which oxidises with oxygen, is transformed to give rise to chromium oxide. The latter adheres to the stainless-steel product you wish to produce, preventing further oxidation and, therefore, the loathsome appearance of rust. Other binding agents found in stainless steel include: nickel, copper, titanium, molybdenum and niobium. The total quantity of such binding agents must not exceed 50%. If the percentage is any higher, these are no longer steels but austenitic stainless-steel alloys. The variation of each individual binding agent affects the structural, mechanical and corrosion characteristics of the material.


Specifically, the American Iron and Steel Institute indicates with the acronym AISI 304 a top quality austenitic stainless steel which contains 18% Chromium and 8% Nickel. This type of stainless steel proves extremely useful in the home, as it can withstand temperatures of up to 500°C.                               cromatica modular kitchen


A suitable material for use anywhere in the home, but especially for those surfaces, those items of furniture, those furnishings and functional objects which undergo strong stresses or which often come into contact with water. Here are the reasons why stainless steel is particularly used around the home, specifically:


Load-bearing structure or body

In modular kitchens made of stainless steel, there are small yet fundamental details which determine the quality of the material itself. These are ascribable to door hinges.

In addition to resistance to weathering and therefore the inability to rust, the material also features extremely important technical characteristics which make it particularly suitable for use in the professional kitchens of great Chefs, as well as in the construction of structures for the home. Indeed, it proves to be:


Biologically pure
100% recyclable
Easy to clean
Suitable for outdoor use

Stainless steel is the ideal material for hygiene in domestic settings, because it is easy to clean and biologically neutral, in addition to being an eco-friendly product that is 100% recyclable. An eternal material, one that is charming and functional that ages slowly without losing any of its characteristics. These are some of the main technical characteristics which make stainless steel the undisputed star of domestic settings.             cromatica modular kitchen


What are the other properties which make stainless steel a particularly sought-after material in furnishings (not just indoors)?


Styling characteristics of stainless steel

The technical characteristics of stainless steel are vital if you want a kitchen to have outstanding corrosion resistance. These are the reasons why stainless steel was initially used only in restaurant kitchens or, in any case, in kitchens for professional use. Over the years, fashion and new trends in the world of interior design gave stainless steel greater value, to such an extent as to make it become a designer element in private settings.

Stainless steel as a designer element (in a kitchen)

The optical effect created by stainless steel is truly very special. Although at first glance it may appear sterile, cold and inhospitable, if you look at it with a critical eye, you will understand how stainless steel can fit in perfectly with domestic spaces characterised by either a contemporary style or a classic, vintage one. The qualities of stainless steel make it perfect in designer kitchens because it is extremely attractive to look at and to think about for at least 3 reasons:


High gloss

These are the four main attributes which underscore the sophisticated elegance of the material. In addition, the characteristics of the material convey to the entire surrounding setting great personality and the desire for a strong, attractive styling. Another important aspect of stainless steel is its extreme versatility. The cool, modern charm of stainless steel is the perfect match for other materials, such as:


Coloured resin
Decorated cement tiles

These solutions are among the most recommended to obtain a unique and unmistakable stylistic mix. Within these spaces, a well-balanced atmosphere will be breathed, capable of playing with clear contrasts yet which, at the same time, warm up the room and make it more welcoming. For instance, the stainless steel-wood combination leads to a very interesting duo: the naturalness and traditional classic taste of wood meets the more modern “hi-tech” appeal of stainless steel. A cross-contamination of different shapes and materials, which will give the kitchen a very interesting appearance, one that is intriguing and elegant, fully in keeping with industrial chic style.   cromatica modular kitchen


Stainless steel is also perfect outdoors

Stainless steel is also the perfect material for outdoor furniture. Cromatica® kitchens, suitably combined with exposed brickwork, stone, etc., lend a unique, privileged atmosphere, even outside. Stainless steel undergoes appropriate treatments for outdoor use only if the kitchen is situated near the sea, in which case SS 316 stainless steel, to guarantee durability even outdoors, becoming an absolutely high-performance material to produce kitchen worktops and sinks to arrange in the garden or for the cooking area on a spacious terrace.   cromatica modular kitchen


Why choose Cromatica® stainless steel kitchens?

Cromatica® is a brand belonging to Ashirwad Technocrats, leaders in the stainless-steel professional kitchens industry with 21 years of manufacturing expertise. Cromatica® has made the most of the know-how of skilled stainless-steel craftsmen to propose a professional-grade kitchen reinterpreted with a more personal twist, suitable for the domestic hearth. Hence the creation of the two product lines, both distinguished by pure design and maximum flexibility in terms of customisation.

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