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Aluminium Modular Kitchen

Sleek and shiny, keep your kitchen spic and span effortlessly with an aluminium modular kitchen. As one of the top aluminium modular kitchen manufacturers in Bangalore our designs are sought after not only for aesthetics but also for the durability and quality.

Our Aluminium shutters is a combinations of glass and aluminium, Glass, as a material, is redefining the dynamics of contemporary kitchen interiors. Glass in kitchens makes for a good choice mainly because of its ease in cleaning/maintaining, innovative use and classy looks. Glass can be put to novel uses like wall panelling with coloured glass and in elementary applications like kitchen cabinets, wall cladding, and wardrobe doors

Aluminium Glass kitchens has its own advantages. It has a classic look and adds significantly to the ambience of the kitchen. Functionally, it is hassle-free to clean & maintain and hygienic as well. It is also durable and remains unaffected by moisture & scratches.

Aluminium frame Glass brings a variety of glass for the modern kitchen that can be used in modular kitchens, cabinets and splash backs.

Coloured Glass is an innovative way to add colour and glamour to the kitchen. Glass in kitchens can be made to look more attractive with lacquered glass, a coloured glass that can be used extensively in splash backs to panel kitchen cabinets, countertops, furniture, and so on. It has a scratch & moisture resistant surface that gives it a longevity unparalleled to any other glass in its class. It also offers a palette of 12 shades to choose from.

Aluminium glass shutters do not need periodical maintenance and unlike wood, there is no need to paint, varnish or oil these cabinets because they will work and look great just as it was brand new. Aluminium is also extremely heat resistant which it makes it a great material to be used in the kitchen. One more factor that tips the argument in the favour of aluminium is the fact that it is pest-resistant. As one of the top manufacturers in Bangalore, we have designed aluminium modular kitchens for many premiere homes and apartments.

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